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I remember when I moved into this shop. I looked around and said, “How am I going to fill this huge place up?” Now, I look around and think, “How am I going to empty it?” It’s time, friends. Some of you have been wondering, I’m sure, since I’ve been closed so often lately. I’ve been putting off saying it because you never know when something will turn, but it’s time to let you all know that I will be closing Cracked Vessel Vintage for good by the end of June.  

I’d describe myself as a determined person. If the door is locked, I try the window, and if I can’t get in the window, I slide down the chimney. But I’ve been kicking at the bricks for a while now, both personally and professionally, and I’m tired.  I think I’ve fought a pretty good round, with a great landlord, fellow business owners, customers, and friends in my corner, but it’s clear the time to fight has passed, and the time to say goodbye has come.

Most of my family live on the east coast. As I mentioned, my Dad passed away at the end of 2017, and my Mom has been alone ever since. I want to be closer to her. I may ultimately end up moving to Boston where she is, though that isn’t the exact plan right now. 

What is the plan? Friends who recently purchased a farm in central New York have invited me to work on creating a flea market type event there, and possibly converting their barn into an antique store. I’ll be heading that way at least for a few months, where I’ll be only a few hours from my Mom. 

I’ll also be diving full force into online selling, which is something I’ve done along, but haven’t been able to give my all to while maintaining the physical store. I’m looking forward to that. So there’s some good news: you’ll still be able to shop at Cracked Vessel Vintage, and if you do, I’ll still give you my neighbor discount, because to me, you’ll always be my neighbors.

I have loved being part of this community. To be honest, I have never felt so embraced as I have been by the people and businesses of Downtown Torrance. Cowboy and I will miss our morning meal at Rudy’s, and our daily visits to the Senior Center, more than I can say. If there were a way to commute to the Street Faire and to Downtown Torrance Association meetings from the east coast, believe me, I would do it. It pains me to be leaving. But while change is always painful, you can’t have adventure without it.

I’ll be around until the end of June, and will be open, though not consistently, so it’s best to call ahead before coming by. If you want to come in but see the doors closed, please give a call. If I can, I’ll open up for you. 

Be on the look out, of course, for big bargains when the store is open. It pains me too much to call it a “Going Out of Business Sale,” so I’m going to call it a “Moving On Sale.”  I’ll be sending out announcements for some particular sale dates, but from here on, it’s all clearance all the time.

I hope you’ll follow Cowboy and me as we continue the adventures of Cracked Vessel Vintage from here. After we leave Torrance, you’ll be able to find us more often on Instagram, Facebook, here at, and elsewhere online as we cross the country and begin the next chapter. 

I love you all; thank you for being part of Cracked Vessel Vintage.


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