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Antique DeVilbiss Atomizer Medical Collectible No Bulb

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Ohio doctor Allen DeVilbiss came up with his #15 atomizer back in the 1880's. It was the answer to his quest to apply medicines to the throat more easily. A contemporary version of the DeVilbiss atomizer is still sold by medical supply companies to this day, but something unexpected happened, too: the technology caught on in the perfume industry. Together with his son Tom, Dr. DeVilbiss began pairing gorgeous imported glass bottles with their factory's spray tops, and they continued as prolific and admired makers of high quality perfume bottles until 1968, interrupted only by World War II. DeVilbiss perfume atomizer bottles are highly prized collectibles today.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, and this is not one of those: the humble bottle we've got here for you, designed for medical application, far predates the glory of those perfumed days. It appears as far back as the DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company's 1918 catalog. The rubber sprayer bulb, long deteriorated, is missing, but the gracefully curved little bottle and its long "nose" are their own kind of beautiful.

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