How Our Large Item Shipping Works

Thanks so much for your purchase. We love buying and selling furniture and other large items. The hard part is of course, getting these pieces to you, but we aim to make that as pain-free as the rest of the process. There are a few different ways your items may get to you.


In-House Delivery with Buster Lewis the Bus

If the destination is close enough, or if we feel like taking a road trip, we may deliver your items ourselves in our vintage school bus, who we've named Buster Lewis. Sounds like a prize fighter, doesn't he? This is our preferred mode, of course, because it allows us to be sure everything goes perfectly. However, it's not always possible. So we may contract delivery out.



Independent Small Delivery Drivers

These drivers typically specialize in smaller loads. They drive vans, box trucks, or enclosed trailers pulled behind utility type vehicles.  The advantage of independent drivers is that they often reach the destination more quickly because they typically cover limited routes and aren't making multiple stops all over the country. Communication is generally good because they have fewer pieces to carry and fewer stops to make, and therefore can keep in better touch with the customers on the route simply because there are less of them.  They can often offer a more customized delivery experience including a specific appointment time. The disadvantage is it's hard to find consistent independent drivers to work with over and over because many of our favorites leave the business after a short while, since it can be hard to make ends meet when you drive a vehicle that's too small to sleep in and can't carry very large loads. This means we're constantly working with new people when we prefer working with existing relationships.

LTL Truck Drivers

LTL stands for Less Than Truckload, and means that the driver takes on various kinds of freight in one truck, so we’re not required to buy out the whole trailer. When your piece travels LTL, it's usually on a large 18-wheeler for most of its journey, and sometimes changes trucks one or more times. The advantage of LTL is that drivers typically have been in business longer, are more experienced, and always carry all the proper credentials to travel just about anywhere (independent small drivers don't always have these credentials). They generally have a wider range of travel so people living in more rural areas can get service they might not otherwise get from a smaller carrier who limits his shipments. The disadvantage is that delivery can take longer due to the number and diversity of the pick ups and drop offs, which is why we estimate that it will take up to 8 WEEKS from the time you purchase to the time your item is delivered. If you live in a very remote location, or significant weather factors arise, there is a possibility it will take slightly longer, but we aim for a 2 – 8 week window at all times. Because LTL trucks are usually on a tight schedule due to lucrative corporate clients being a priority for them, deliveries can generally only be scheduled with a delivery window rather than a specific appointment time. If you're not available to receive your item when the truck comes through town, you may have to wait until the next trip.  That said, I’ve had very few pieces take longer than the 8 weeks (it happens, but very rarely) even if the delivery gets rescheduled, and most take considerably LESS time.

Which Way Will Your Piece Be Sent?

We base our decision on several factors:

  • What type of furniture did you buy, and how are we most comfortable sending it to ensure its safe arrival?
  • Have you expressed any urgency for receiving it?
  • Who is currently available to deliver it, and if we don't have prior experience with them, do we have other sellers who do who can vouch for them?
  • Do you live in a rural area, where our options are limited?
  • Is it a holiday season, which also limits our options?
  • Do weather conditions or local regulations dictate that one type of vehicle will have an easier time getting to you than another?
  • Is one shipping method cost prohibitive over another for your location or piece?

We know you’ll be happy with the delivery service we provide. If, however, you’re not comfortable with what I’ve described here, we’re happy to help you arrange pick up by your own carrier. Whatever works best for you! If you haven't filled out our shipping questionnaire yet, please head over and do so now - it really helps!

Thanks for answering a few questions to help us prepare for your delivery. As long as we're prepared, it's all going to go fine. Surprises complicate things, though, so now is the time to tell us!

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Depending on which driver ends up taking your piece, he may be on the road in an 18-wheel semi truck, or in a smaller vehicle. We ask the following questions in order to plan for every possible situation. The more you can tell us the smoother things will go on delivery day.

Thanks so much for your help! Click the button when you're done to submit your form.