Secret Service Operator 13 - 1934 Racist Civil War YA Book

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First published in 1933, Robert Chambers' "Secret Service Operator 13" is the story of a young girl who becomes a secret service operative for the Union Army during the Civil War by donning blackface and pretending to be a maid. Complications ensue when she falls in love with a Confederate soldier. Later made into the film "Operator 13" with Marion Davies as the spy girl, this book and the movie it spawned are both very much "of their time." I'd recommend it for reading only as the time capsule that it is, or for people who collect for the sake of reclaiming stereotypical portrayals like these. To decide if this is a book you'd be comfortable with, check out the title of chapter one (visible in the last photo). Previous owner's name is written in pencil.

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