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Broken China Wire Wrapped Pendant Handmade OOAK

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I break a lot of china. Not on purpose, but when you've got as much of it around as I do, things are bound to happen. And customers help me out with that, too, busting a plate here and there. So what do you do, throw it out? Not at Cracked Vessel you don't!

This necklace is crafted from a shard of the Cattail pattern by Universal Cambridge, a design manufactured for Sears & Roebuck in the 1940's. We like our jewelry rustic around here, so other than some sanding to make it safe for you, this piece was wire-wrapped just as it was broken, no fancy shape attempted or anything. Though we're not always able to do this, we did manage to capture the back stamp on this one.

Comes with an 18" ball chain. Get in touch if you'd like a longer chain.

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