Got Stuff to Sell?

Welcome! This is the best place to submit items to Cracked Vessel Vintage. If you email us or call us I can’t guarantee you’ll get a response. I can guarantee you’ll get one here.

As of 7/6/2017 – Please note that we’re not buying in most categories right now due to an overwhelming overstock. You can still submit if you’d like, and we’ll let you know if it’s something we’d be likely to buy later. 

Things to Know

Here are some things to think about if you want to sell to Cracked Vessel Vintage:

• AGE. Most items MUST BE 20 YEARS OLD OR OLDER. Exceptions are highly collectible items (and these almost never have the word “collectible” printed on them).

• PRICE. We pay about ONE-THIRD of what we feel we can sell your item for LOCALLY. So… if we feel we can get $300 for your Grandmother’s china cabinet here in Torrance, we’re going to offer you $100. It doesn’t matter if she paid $800 for it in an antique store in the 1980’s; we’re going by what we feel is a realistic price here and now.

• TRADE. If you’re open to STORE CREDIT, we’re more likely not only to buy, but to give a higher value.

• CONDITION. In general, we don’t buy items that need lots of “fixing up” unless they are very rare items or we truly fall in love (and we try very hard not to fall in love – we don’t need more projects!). 

What We Buy

As of SUMMER 2017 (subject to change), we’re most interested in:

• FURNITURE. We love it all, but favorite eras are 30’s and 40’s. (Though like everyone, we could always use more mid-century to scratch the MCM itch that seems to be going strong among young homestarters). The more unusual the better: that’s going to be true in every category.

• ODDITIES. If we’ve never seen it before, we’re more likely to buy it.

• “MANTIQUES”. You’ve probably noticed we have a lot of the kinds of things women collect. We need more of the things guys like: signage, gumball machines, matchbox cars, tin toys, pedal cars, nautical items, automotive items, aviation items, and the like.

• HIGH END BRAND NAME ENGLISH TABLEWARE SETS. Wedgwood, Spode, etc. in full sets, very good condition.

• VINTAGE CLOTHING. These will be passed on to our clothing curator, Tracie Kelly. In particular, larger sizes are needed.

I have many other weaknesses. I’m sure you can figure them out by just looking around the store, but most of them, I’ve already got too much of. Give it your best shot, but I’m trying hard to control myself.

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