Techfoolery: Disappearing Pinterest Boards

This is Ophelia, driven mad by Hamlet. That look in her eyes is like the look in mine, only I’m being driven mad by Pinterest.

Slightly Off the Tracks

I know. This is a vintage furniture, decor, and collectibles e-commerce website, not a technology review site. But since I started building the site, I’ve had so many hits and misses in the world of non-techie technology that it seems kind of crazy not to write about them.

Calling All Pin Stars

If you’re a Pinterest aficionado who knows how to put your board where your blog is, please reach out. You may have noticed I’ve got a page called “Boards,” but you’ve probably also noticed, there are no boards ON it. This is because they keep disappearing.  It’s ghostly.  I get all my pretty boards all lined up, looking great. I reload the page a couple of times, and they’re all set, still there. I navigate away, forget about it for a few hours. When I go back – no boards. I go to the admin side to edit the page, and the code is literally gone.  This happens over and over.  It used to happen on my old website, too, so it’s not a WordPress thing.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I dunno. I probably am.  And for some reason Pinterest is the one thing I can’t find a decent plug in for.  If you know of one, comment below. If you know how to embed Pinterest boards so they STAY embedded, comment below. Solidarity? Comment below.

More Non-Techie Tech Rambles To Come

The past two months have been a baptism-by-fire. I can say without exaggeration that I spent more hours on various tech support calls and chats, and came in contact with more plug-ins, widgets, apps, hosting services, premium support services, social network management services, online shopping carts, e-commerce solutions, integration management systems, and point of sale services between Mid-March and June 1st of 2017 than I did in all the many years since Al Gore invented the internet. I’m going to write about some of those experiences here, because it’s my website and I can, because a girl’s got to process these stressful events, because some of you might even be interested, and because it might attract some new people to the site.

Throwing Nails on the Road

Would you believe there are actually people out there in the world who have no idea how much they need vintage decor?  Here at the store in Torrance, since we’re across from a tire store, I joke about throwing nails in the street so I can pick up a few new customers: people tend to browse with me while they’re waiting for new tires. Of course I’ve never done it, it’s a fantasy!  Maybe these tech write-ups, though, can serve a similar purpose: they’ll get people to browse on over.  Maybe they’ll stop in to see my comparison of GoDaddy vs. FatCow and leave with a 1950’s floor lamp.

In the meantime.. I’m enjoying the hold music while I wait for my  tech support agent.


  1. Mary - June 3, 2017 at 7:46 am - Reply

    Inexplicably, the boards are now back. I simply cannot keep up.

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