Today’s Vintage Decor Project: French Map Art

About a year ago, in my quest to find the best vintage decor for my shop, I came across an amazing, huge French map from the 1930’s. Its heavy cardboard was so brittle that pieces would break off on every touch. I tried at first to figure out how to restore it, but eventually I just put it away. The damage was irreparable.

Framed 1930's French map fragment upcycled to vintage decor.

Our upcycle vintage decor project for today.

The Map Resurfaces and Gets Resurfaced

Lately we’ve been doing so much rearranging as we get ready for our big store restructuring (more on that later). I came across my map where I’d stashed it, under the stairs. An idea came to me, and today Sylvia and I spent the day working on a project for tomorrow’s Torrance Antique Street Faire. My ruined big map has now become  a bunch of small, interesting framed pieces.  I wouldn’t typically cut up a map as stellar as this one, but it was so far gone that it was upcycle it, or toss it. I think the pieces came out pretty cool so far – still working on a few right now!

Our Vintage Decor Project Makes Its Street Faire Debut

Downtown Torrance gets first crack at these because I’m taking them to the Street Faire.  Whatever doesn’t sell will get posted online for the WOT (World Outside Torrance!).

If you’re local and haven’t been to the Street Faire, um…. you’d best be new in town or in a grade lower than 3rd, or else I don’t understand you at all.  Here’s what you need to know, in a nutshell:

  • 4th Sunday of every month (yes, EVERY MONTH, even in the summer, even over Christmas, and yes, the 4TH SUNDAY, not the last Sunday, though they are sometimes the same. When there are 5 Sundays, when is the Street Faire? The 4th SUNDAY. Not the last.)
  • 150 – 200+ antique and vintage vendors. What more is there to say about THAT?

Make it a monthly habit, and I’m sure you’ll fill your own nutshell soon enough. Maybe we’ll see you there tomorrow! We camp out on Marcelina Street. near the Post Office. Come say hi to Cowboy. He never does seem to get enough attention.

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